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  • Specialized in mass properties estimation and monitoring.
  • Provide guidance and consulting on mass properties estimation and monitoring.
  • Create tailored software solutions according the customers scope.

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Mass Properties Management Software


Weight Management Software


Structural Modelling plug-in for Rhino3D


One system for all types of projects

MassTrack can handle any type of structure, including all kinds of vessels and vehicles. Estimation and monitoring can be done according to work breakdown systems suitable to the project type. In MassTrack the projects are divided into different groups to map the different items containing the mass properties. Estimation methods, parameters, reports and general setups are suited most typical projects, but all of the aforementioned may be customized for and by the user to fit the specific project.


How does it work?

Reinventing parametric design!
ExpressMarine takes a fresh approach on parametric modeling. A combination of mathematical and graphical parameters set the base for the 3D model. This forms the ship’s DNA from which the entire structure is developed. Changes made at this level will propagate down the hierarchy and allow interdependent elements to morph accordingly.


Weight control is critical for your project

When designing and building a vessel or an offshore construction, weight and center of gravity are key parameters for successful performance. Speed, strength, deadweight, stability and sea keeping are all parameters crucially dependent on the weight and center of gravity. To ensure and maintain these parameters a reliable estimation of weight and center of gravity followed by an organized tracking and monitoring activity is essential.

About us

B&A Software (BAS engineering), founded in 1995, is the proud developer and owner of ShipWeight, MassTrack and ExpressMarine3D (Rhino3D plugin). In addition to our own software, we provide software services and make tailored solutions according to your wishes and needs.